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While it is recognized that a covenant is not a creed, it does express the commitments of those who accept it, and is a living expression of their commitments and relationships to each other.
--Rev. Bob Thompson, 2005

Lake Street Church Covenant

We stand together in celebration of the divine that moves within, among, and around us.

As a spiritual community, we affirm our kinship with the earth and all of its people.

Our covenant with one another is rooted in the Christian tradition and the living practice of Jesus to welcome the excluded and care for the vulnerable.

We are connected by our respect for soul liberty, which challenges us to embody God in the world each in our own way.

We seek to be transformed as we awake to the hidden wholeness of life.

We promise to be mutually helpful one to the other, bearing one another's burdens, participating in one another's joys, and supporting the church community that nurtures us all.

We promise to make this church a womb of contemplation and action so as to clarify our vision and strengthen our resolve to act against injustice and for peace.

We promise to be stewards of the earth, sustaining it for future generations by cultivating self-discipline and gratitude.

We pray together to love justice, act kindly and walk humbly with God.

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