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History and Building
Founding of Lake Street Church
History of Lake Street Church

From its founding as a group of families committed to educating children in the Christian tradition, this church quickly emerged as an active community of participants dedicated to enriching each individual's spiritual life while serving the needs of others. That first Sunday School included children from Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational, and Roman Catholic, as well as Baptist families. This ecumenical gathering gave birth to the welcoming, inclusive, interfaith congregation that is still the soul of Lake Street Church.


The Temperance Movement, Women's Suffrage, and the Civil Rights Movement that occurred during the history of the church impacted the programs and activities of the congregation.  In the early years, the church was driven by evangelism to social action.  Then, when the 20th century required a more global approach, the church gave greater focus to ecumenical activism.

Through its ever evolving environment, Lake Street Church has adapted, adjusted, and moved forward, always with the spirit of the Divine held sacred as the center for each individual.

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