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Social Justice
“We promise to make this church a womb of contemplation and action, so as to clarify our vision and strengthen our resolve to act against injustice and for peace.”

Eliminating Homelessness

In defiance of city government, Lake Street Church established a shelter for homeless people in our church basement. Today, “Hilda’s Place” is one of the programs of Connections for the Homeless intended to alleviate and prevent homelessness.

Dismantling Racism

Lake Street Church is committed to dismantling systemic racism in Evanston and beyond. Our collaboration with Second Baptist Church is an important part of this effort. We established a sister church relationship with Second Baptist Church in 2018 to formalize our commitment and strive for healing in a painfully divided world.

We recently stepped forward along with other faith communities to support the City of Evanston’s reparations programs by adopting a Reparations Resolution.

Offering Sanctuary

In solidarity with the thousands of people whose lives are at present being ripped apart by inhumane immigration policies, Lake Street Church of Evanston became a Sanctuary Church in 2014 and is currently home to an immigrant family in the process of asylum.

We stand together as witnesses for the common good, as evidenced by these policy statements describing our shared beliefs about a variety of social issues.

All are welcome to join us in our social justice efforts. Our Peace and Justice Committee helps move Lake Street Church from contemplation to action by organizing Sanctuary church efforts, communication with legislators, participation in marches and many other activities. Click here to ask about upcoming opportunities.

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